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Ayurvedic Lifestyle and Food Tips for a healthy Monsoon

Ayurvedic Lifestyle and Food Tips for a healthy Monsoon
September 12, 2017 Navashree Nandini
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Skin and Digestive system disorders prevail in Monsoon Season

With the onset of monsoon, showers and cyclones are flooding different areas of the world. It is imperative to stay protected from water borne diseases and maintain a food habit that secures the endurance and immunity to fight not only the physical hazards but also the mental stress.

While viral infections like cough and cold are common in such days, bacterial infections typhoid, cholera and diarrhoea also start to get a stronger hold as humidity increases in the air. Apart from all this, stress is common to humans resulting in bewilderment. Change in weather also brings in aggravation of Vata Dosha and pacification of Kapha Dosha, hence making the digestive system vulnerable.

Ayurveda acts as a strong hold to the awry minds of people in such situations. Ayurveda’s both curative and restorative principles prescribe lifestyle and food habits (Ritucharya) for the betterment of mental, physical and spiritual health.


Preventive measures towards health upkeep must be taken along with intake of Ayurvedic herbs to stay healthy and productive. In this note, we share with you some of the lifestyle tips that you should practice to make this amazing season of rains an enjoyable one.

Foods that you must consume during monsoon

1)Brown Rice – It is rich in fiber, selenium, manganese and anti-oxidants. It is a whole grain. All the nutrients body requires for a healthy functioning is provided by it. When rice is polished, many nutrients are washed away. It is necessary to provide all nutrients to the body for strong immunity during rainy season.

2) Garlic – It is packed with anti-oxidants, has many anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that promotes a strong immunity. Allicin, a Sulphur containing compound helps in lowering blood sugar and blood pressure levels. Garlic must be taken raw or semi-cooked and not whole cooked because cooking spoils its medicinal values.

3) Water- While hydrated food such as watermelon and muskmelon are a big no during monsoon, one must surely switch to drink lots of boiled water and yogurt instead of milk. While water in necessary, such products also causes swelling.

Preventive Measures that you must take in monsoon

  • Against Viral Diseases- Cough and cold becomes the lover that hits you hard in this season. We generally overlook this. But, it is a viral disease which if prolonged can result to chronic and fatal diseases. Exposure to wet areas and wearing moist/wet clothes must be avoided. Warm food must be taken and maintaining a proper hygiene is important as it spreads the viral infection.
  • Against mosquito borne infections – Mosquitoes are the major celebrity of the disease world during monsoon. Dengue, malaria, chikengunia are at its hike. Collection of water near your house and on roads results in breeding of mosquitoes and spread of infections. Assemblage of water must be checked as much as we can. Prevention from mosquito biting is extremely important, use nets and mosquito repellent creams.
  • Against bacterial diseases – Our deep affinity for junk or street food must be strictly abandoned during monsoon. Major diseases like cholera and typhoid infects on consumption of food that is exposed to open air and unhygienic. The rate of infection from such food increases to the power of 2 during this season.

Healthy Medhya Bites to protect and nourish during Monsoon

  • Medhya’s Amalaki Bites consists of AmlaTurmeric, Ginger, Licorice, Melon Seeds, Jaggery, and Coconut Oil. These ingredients maintain the endurance of the body and strengthen the immunity. A good and functional immune system protects and helps one to stay healthy.


Medhya Almond Fig Bites for Endurance - Healthy Foods

Both of these products plays a very crucial role in balancing a stressful mind which is of pivotal importance during monsoon season. After all, a calm and healthy mind is a key to solve problems during calamities.

Stay safe. Stay healthy.

Sharing is Caring. Spread the Love!