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This Diwali enlighten your life with Ayurveda!

This Diwali enlighten your life with Ayurveda!
October 30, 2016 Nidhi Bansal
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This Diwali enlighten your life with Ayurveda!

Diwali is one of the biggest festivals celebrated across India. It is marked to celebrate “Sattva“, the purest, the brightest, and the most balanced of all “gunas” or qualities. Traditionally people would clean & decorate their homes, light up candles & lamps, prepare & consume sweets, and greet & meet family and friends during the week celebrations of Diwali. Mythologically, it is celebrated to mark victory of “POSITIVITY”, “PURITY”, and the “TRUTH” over “DARKNESS”, “EVIL”, and “NEGATIVITY”. This is also why Diwali is termed as the “festival of LIGHTS”!



While we focus on the external brightness during Diwali celebrations, it is also important to the embrace the core of this festival, stressing upon awareness of “inner light” or the “soul”. This goes beyond the evident and visible body and mind and touches upon the inner self that is pure and eternal. Hence, Diwali is an occasion to know our inner self that would outshine all negativity and darkness of thoughts and help us achieve inner peace & gain mental strength.


 Significance of Diwali with Ayurveda

Ayurveda stress upon a holistic lifestyle that encompasses a healthy body, mind & soul. This is attained with embracing all that is pure and natural, and making positivity a way of life. Regular upkeep & cleansing of body & mind with natural foods and an active lifestyle are the most basic essentials of Ayurvedic principles. Meditation and engagement in activities to peacefully stimulate mind towards a relaxed state are must to overcome the physical & mental stressors we face in modern lifestyle.

Significance of Diwali also lies in the transition in weather, surroundings, and our bodies from domination of “Pitta” Dosha to “Vata” Dosha. With Vata Dosha gaining ground in our bodies and environment, we need to bring the changes in our diet and lifestyle to overcome the dryness and hence ailments that encompass Vata. Additionally, cleansing or “Shodhana” with Panchakarma is recommended to get rid of toxins that can build up in the system during changing weather. Light and warm foods, pertaining towards sweeter taste accompanied with healthy fats such as ghee and olive oil are recommended to moisten & nourish the system. Hence, sweets made with natural sweeteners such as dates, figs, & jaggery, nuts, and nutrient dense foods play a big role during Diwali!


Celebrating Diwali

Celebrate this beautiful festival of lights with a beautiful message of positivity, purity, and love to bring changes that will enlighten your’s and everyone’s life!! Get rid of the negativity and toxins from the body, mind, & soul with healthy foods, lifestyle changes, and bright thoughts that will lead you towards an eternal state of happiness of a healthy being!


Sharing is Caring. Spread the Love!