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Ganesh Chaturthi marks celebration of health and happiness!

Ganesh Chaturthi marks celebration of health and happiness!
August 25, 2017 Navashree Nandini
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Ganesh Chaturthi marks celebration of health and happiness 

Ganesha comes with bunch of love and happiness. Since childhood of every person, Ganesh Chaturthi is taken as a mark of festive season.  Ganesha is not an idol to be worshipped according to rituals and immersing into the sea. Ganesha is part of our lives. He stays with us and initiates each and every work of ours. He is the one with wisdom, wit, wealth, health and happiness. He bestows all these bountifully to each and every one who worships and loves Him.



Eco Friendly Ganesha

If Ganesha ensures our health and happiness, it is our duty to take care that we do not spread pollution leading to woes of many. This Ganesh Chaturthi, let us be the helping hands of Ganesha and help him by these three things :

  • No to sound pollution – Dj’s and music systems playing devotional music is common sight during festival. However, it causes serious hearing ailments. Let’s pledge not to play loud music instead enjoy the serenity and quietude with Ganesha.
  • No to ocean pollution – Immersion of idols in ocean effects the lives of marine animals and plants. It is turn disturbs our biodiversity and indirectly increases the rate of diseases in us. Let’ do something innovative. Try making idols with dry fruits or old newspapers or dried leaves. These decomposes easily thus not affecting health and hygiene.
  • No to air pollution – Gulal of red, green, yellow and blue colour only paints our surrounding and our body. Let’s paint our soul with colours of love and affection. We won’t need the health damaging gulal then.


Yummy Modak Recipe for Ganesh Chaturthi

It’s Ganesh Chaturthi and how could it be complete without feasting Ganesha with Modak. Here’s is an easy but novel recipe of modak.




Rice flour




Saute the white part of coconut with jaggery, under low flame, until it mixes up well and become sticky. Keep it aside. Take half cup water in a pan add one table spoon of jaggery powder or grated jaggery and let it mix.  Put the rice flour into the pan and mix it well, till it is thick and forms a dough.  Mould the doughs in any shape of your choice and fill the mixture of jaggery and coconut we prepared earlier. Wrap the modaks in a small cloth and steam them for two minutes. Yummy, tasty and Ganesha’s favorite modak is ready.

Health tips for a happy Ganesh Chaturthi

Bhadrapada marks the beginning of festival season and also of changing weather. It is imperative to take care of your health in order to enjoy the most in the festivals.

  • Eat food that increases endurance. Daily doses of calcium and magnesium is important because that strengthens your immunity and keeps you fit in the season. Almond Fig Bites is the best option available.
  • Wear full sleeves or covered clothes to protect yourself from mosquitos. This is a month of dengue and other mosquito borne diseases. If it’s too hot and you are wearing something short, do not forget to apply mosquito repellent creams.
  • Swine flu cases are coming from all round the country. Do not forget to wash your hands often. Sneeze or cough with your mouth covered. When you come back home after enjoying the festival, do not forget to change your clothes and take a good bath.

Medhya herbals focusses on active body and mind of yours and wants you to be healthy throughout the festive season and beyond.

Stay healthy Stay happy.




Sharing is Caring. Spread the Love!