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The benefits of Ghee in our daily lives – An Ayurvedic Elixir!

The benefits of Ghee in our daily lives – An Ayurvedic Elixir!
June 30, 2017 Nidhi Bansal
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Ghee – An Ayurvedic Elixir for modern lifestyle

As the modern era is making its way into our lives, many desi foods have started vanishing from our kitchen. Often used as a traditional medicine, highly reverred by older generation, and an Ayurvedic elixir; Ghee, nearly tops this list.

Fitness freaks and health-conscious people prefer staying miles away from it due to the belief that its consumption will lead to weight gain. Many sources have confirmed that it is an Ayurvedic product that is useful for our mind and body. It is rich in CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) which is a powerful antioxidant. It is anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy and anti-cancer.  You can read more about the nutritional values of ghee by clicking here.


The alternative medicine advocate, Deepak Chopra tells us that in Ayurveda, ghee has been praised as an essential superfood with dozens of health benefits for many years. An adaptable fat, Ghee can easily replace butter and other unhealthy sources of fats. It is energy-giving and pure in nature. It promotes positivity, growth, and expansion of consciousness. It is rich in enzymes that promote AGNI (digestive fire) and hence supporting functioning of the digestive tract. It supports our immune system and vitality and has also been known to kill cancer cells.

Though Ghee is a product made from butter, it is safer to consume because it is made after the water is evaporated and the fat is separated from the milk solids. Therefore, it is called clarified butter. If you don’t know how to make ghee at home, click on the video to watch the procedure of making it at home. It can be made out of many different kinds of milk like cow, sheep, and buffalo milk. Kumbhiighrta is aged between 10 to 100 years old and Mahaghrta is aged over 100 years old. Both of these are powerful tonics and have medicinal properties.


Ghee not only helps us internally in our mind but it can also provide nutrition to our skin and hair.

  • It can make your skin glow and purify it by imparting a healthy and shiny look. Ayurveda uses ghee often as a moisturising agent and it leaves a gorgeous appearance.
  • It helps you against your chapped lips. Apply it on your lips at night and the next morning you will have soft and hydrated lips.
  • A simple way to get rid of dark circles is by using ghee. Apply a little bit of it below your eyes, just before you are off to bed and wash your face the next morning.

3 ways by which Ghee promotes hair health:

  • Massage it into dry and coarse hair to take care of split ends. Warm up a little ghee and apply it to the ends of your locks. Wash off with a mild shampoo.
  • Turn dry and frizzy hair into soft, shiny and manageable tresses. Mix equal parts of ghee with olive oil and massage deeply into your hair for 15-20 minutes. Rinse it off with a good shampoo.
  • Massage your scalp with warm ghee mixed with equal parts coconut oil. The blend nourishes your scalp and encourages hair growth.

Sharing is Caring. Spread the Love!