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Giloy – A rejuvenating herb and an elixir of life!

Giloy – A rejuvenating herb and an elixir of life!
August 19, 2014 Pragna Mohapatra
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Giloy – A rejuvenating herb and an elixir of life!

Also termed as “Amrit” or the ultimate rejuvenating nectar, Giloy has multiple positive effects in human body! Almost all parts of the plant are used for several medicinal purposes with the stem being the most common and widely utilised in most medicinal systems. While the scientific name is Tinospora Cordifolio, this revered Ayurvedic herb is most commonly known as Giloy or Guduchi.

Giloy harmonizes the three Doshas making it such a potent herb for rejuvenation, treating ailments, and for boosting immunity. 

A great detoxification agent, it cleanses the micro circulatory system ( lymphatic system and blood circulatory system). It has the unique ability to remove toxins from both exogenous and endogenous sources. It protects the body and helps in its proper functioning under stress.



While fresh herb is more effective than the dried form, dried form is easily to consume and lasts longer. Tinospora Cordifolia stem is rich in alkaloids, diterpenoids lactones, glycosides, steroids, sesquiterpenoids, phenolics, aliphatic compounds, and polysaccharides.  Leaves of Giloy are rich in protein and fairly high in calcium and phosphorous.

Health Benefits of Giloy
  • As an adaptogenic herb, it reduces mental stress and anxiety.
  • It enhances the cognitive ability, promotes memory and longevity by reducing oxidative damage to cells and endogenous cleansing of brain toxins.
  • Known for its hypoglycemic actions, Giloy reduces blood sugar and lipid levels considerably. This makes it very useful for treatment of Type 2 Diabetes. giloy-tinospora-guduchi-fruit
  • Protects against gamma radiation and has anti-tumor properties leading to significant reduction in tumors when used regularly.
  • Giloy boosts the white blood cell count and maturation of bone marrow stem cells leading to an increased immunity response that corresponds with activation of macrophage (protective cells).
  • Giloy is known to increases appetite, quench thirst, and increase body strength. Giloy  promotes life and has anti-ageing properties such as destruction of wrinkles and graying of hair.
  • Mixed with other herbs, it is also used as an aphrodisiac and to increase sexual potency. It cleanses sperm and is known to provide virility to sterile men and women.
  •  It relieves from the gastro-intestinal and urinary disorders (diuretic in nature) such as digestion issues, piles, and pain in bladder.


  • It purifies the blood, leads to a healthy and glowing skin and complexion. Due to its cleansing action, Giloy helps in various skin related issues such as eczema, psoriasis, lupus, and skin inflammation.
  • It is anti-pyretic in nature, it is known to be highly effective in reducing chronic and high fevers.
  • The anti-inflammatory action, makes it beneficial for treating inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and gout. Juice from the stem significantly balances high uric acid level in the body.
Caution on use and application

Giloy is hot in potency and can have some side effects such as constipation and low blood sugar levels, hence prescribed to be used under supervision of an expert. It is also not recommended for pregnant and lactating women due to potential side effects. Ayurvedic experts should be consulted in case one plans to consume the same.



Sharing is Caring. Spread the Love!