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Herbs and Foods to boost breast milk – Breastfeeding made Breezy!

Herbs and Foods to boost breast milk – Breastfeeding made Breezy!
August 18, 2017 Nidhi Bansal
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Breast milk is a boon the health of the Baby!

While breast milk is considered a superfood and one of the best gifts to a new born; breastfeeding has great health benefits for the new mother! Breastfeeding leads to quicker post natal recovery, prevention of anemia, and gastrointestinal health disorders in the short term but also long term effects such as prevention of ovarian and breast cancer, osteoporosis, and obesity. Financially, breast milk costs merely one-fourth to formula feeding!

Breast milk is an amazing substance that cannot be duplicated by any artificial means. Unique in its composition and function, breast milk:
• contains an ideal balance of nutrients that the infant can easily digest.
• changes over time, and even over the course of a day, to meet the changing needs of the growing child.
• contains substances essential for optimal development of the infant’s brain, with effects on both cognitive and visual function.
• supplies growth factors that combine to mature the infant gut.
• provides the infant with immune factors manufactured to fight allergens and illnesses specific to the mother’s and infant’s environment.


Breastfeeding health benefits for mother and child

Breastfeeding health benefits for mother and child


A Galactagogue naturally increases breast milk production and flow, making breastfeeding a breeze!

It is essential to take care of the breast milk and it is also advised to consume products which promote the production of milk. A Galactagogue is a food that helps boost breast milk production for lactating mothers, hence acts as a natural aid to breastfeeding.

Here is a list of our five favourite herbs and foods, which when consumed during lactation will not only help for milk production but also provide the mother with essential nutrients to nurture and keep up with required energy levels:


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Moringa leaves are rich in essential vitamins & minerals including iron, calcium, vitamins A, E & K and magnesium. It is also a complete source of plant protein and has high levels of antioxidants. It is rich in fibre too! They are important for mothers especially those who are breastfeeding. You can mix it up in your smoothies too! Or else get a Medhya Moringa Choco Bites that have Moringa as key ingredient and provide one with essential micronutrients. Here is the link to get Moringa Choco Bites. Have it as your morning or evening snack.



It is also known as the Queen of Herbs. It contains important minerals like Calcium, Zinc, and Vitamin B. Shatavari is safe to consume and it is recommended by paediatricians also. It is even beneficial for conceiving and during pregnancy. Shatavari multiplies the quantity and improves the quality of breast milk. It stimulates prolactin and corticoids. Improvement of these two hormones is equal to the improvement of breast milk.


Ashwagandha has many benefits too. It is prescribed as an important galactagogue. It also increases the quantity and improves the quality of the breast milk. There are no side effects and it is good for the physical, mental and sexual health of a person.

Ashwagandha is a powerful adaptogen and a revered Ayurvedic elixir for rejuvenation, nourishment, and strength. It is a natural supplement to lower cortisol and balance thyroid hormones. Ashwagandha literally translates to the “strength of the stallion” and is commonly known as Indian ginseng, for its ability to boost mental and physical stamina and its extraordinary stress relieving properties.


It is an important galactagogue herb and has been in use since ages. It is considered safe for breastfeeding but it should be avoided during pregnancy. After its consumption, you will smell like maple syrup. This smell signifies that it is working. If you don’t smell like it then it is safe to increase the consumption (doctor’s advice is recommended). Once you notice the flow, you can discontinue the consumption. If you have asthma then do consult your doctor as it is not appreciable to have fenugreek with that illness.




Many women are not able to breastfeed their babies because of swollen breasts. Consumption of turmeric can reduce this problem. It reduces the inflammation hence, the nursing mothers are able to breastfeed for a longer period. In Ayurveda, turmeric has shown various beneficial results for various issues.


Flax Seeds are delicious and nutritious, flax seeds are rich in Omega 3s, Fibre, and antioxidants. Roast, grind, and add them to your savoury or sweet preparations. Get your hands on Medhya Brahmi Bites to consume flax seeds in a delicious snack form.


Many food products like almonds, coconut, millets, rice, barley, oats, etc. also support both the production and flow of the breast milk, hence acting as a natural aid to breastfeeding.

Always consult your doctor if you have milk supply issues. Ask him/her before taking any galactagogue if you are going through some illness. Mention it to them if you notice any side effect. Never ever exceed the dosage of your galactagogue which is recommended to you. It can be the reason behind several side effects.


Sharing is Caring. Spread the Love!