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Jaggery – A sweet weapon against modern ailments!

Jaggery – A sweet weapon against modern ailments!
July 19, 2016 Nidhi Bansal
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Jaggery – A sweet weapon against modern ailments!

Since ancient times, jaggery, a traditional Indian sweetener has found a place of pride in Indian households. A natural product made from concentrated sugarcane juice or palm sap, jaggery has innumerable health and beauty benefits. An integral part of Indian cooking, jaggery helps prevent blood disorders and anemia, reduces digestive disorders, and even helps in curing acne and pimples.

In Ayurveda, Jaggery is used as a purifier, aid against bile disorders, as well as a natural medicine.


The Goodness of Jaggery – Weight loss aid!

Coupled with the goodness of proteins, fibres, minerals and calories, it has been hailed as a superfood. The sucrose makes it sweet and adds to it savouring taste. With 50% sucrose, 20% moisture, 20% sugars and nutrients, it is an excellent replacement for sugar, should you be looking to loose weight. The high level of minerals especially potassium reduces water retention hence improving metabolism, aiding effective weight management.

weight-lossHealth Benefits of Jaggery

The therapeutic benefits associated with jaggery are undeniable. With no added chemicals, it makes up for an excellent substitute for all other processed sweeteners and white sugar. Not only jaggery enhances the flavour of food but also provides with essential micro nutrients and minerals to support a healthy meal. However, moderation is key when it comes to using jaggery in your meals!!

Purifies the Blood

Consumption in limited quantities helps purify blood & enhances the blood hemoglobin count. It helps in maintaining blood pressure and flushes out toxins from the body.

Prevents Digestive Disorders

It activates the secretion of digestive enzymes which makes it an excellent digestive agent. Regular consumption of helps in treating constipation & indigestion.

Source of Energy

The complex carbohydrate nature of jaggery releases energy at a slower rate and longer period. It also helps in curing fatigue improving the overall functioning of the body.

Beneficial for Bones

Consumption of it with ginger helps cure joint pains and with milk, strengthens the bones.

Relieves Migraines


A well known home remedy for treating migraine, it can be consumed with ghee to treat the same.

Prevents Anemia

A rich source of iron & folates; it helps maintain normal level of red blood cells in the body thus preventing anemia. It is mainly recommended for pregnant women.

Effective on Menstrual Pains


It causes release of endorphins, reduces anxiety & relaxes the muscles providing relief from cramps & abdominal pains.

Improves Skin and Hair Health

The vitamins and minerals present in it, provide nourishment to the skin and cure skin problems.

Limits on Consumption

A great thing about jaggery is that “Eating it in large quantities will not help anybody, however eating just a little can do wonders to your mind & body!!”

Over indulgence may reverse its benefits for your health. Instead of reducing weight, it may lead to substantial weight gain in some cases. Diabetic patients are advised to avoid eating it. It still is a sweetener and has high sugar content, which may be detrimental to their health.

The benefits of Jaggery are plenty!! An integral part of Medhya bites, it is imparts plenty of taste and aroma along with its health benefits to our product lines!  Add it to your meals and feel the difference for yourself!

Jaggery health benefits

Sharing is Caring. Spread the Love!