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Laughter Yoga and Fitness Expert- Meet Varuna Khullar!

Laughter Yoga and Fitness Expert- Meet Varuna Khullar!
August 23, 2016 Nidhi Bansal
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Laughter Yoga and Fitness Expert- Meet Varuna Khullar!

Laughter Yoga or Hasyayoga is a beautiful technique to happily wind off modern lifestyle’s stress! A certified Laughter Yoga and Hatha Yoga expert, Varuna believes in the healing powers of holistic wellness. She has been bringing positive changes in the state of mind & body of people by helping them incorporate the right methodologies and train them towards a healthy lifestyle. We are very excited to have Varuna Khullar with us this week in our “Expert Interviews” series and learn from her own words on what health & wellness means and how to best incorporate it in modern times!!


Tell us something about yourself. 

I am a dreamer, learner, life-enthusiast and a believer in self. I grew up in a middle class family and started with my corporate life post graduation. However, what began as an escapade from a stressed nine-to-five corporate life, eventually became a prime interest and then, an inspiration and finally, a passion in my life.

After spending a decade in the corporate jungles of India & the Middle East, I am now conducting Holistic Wellness programs for schools and corporates in India as the Founder @Yoga with V.

I am a Master’s in Advertising & Public Relations and have successfully led teams and Marketing Communications Campaigns for multiple organizations for over a decade prior to my current stint as a Yogiprenuer.medhya-expert-yogawithv

What are your areas of specialization and which segment do you currently work in?

I am a certified Laughter Yoga and Hatha Yoga Trainer. I am quite clear about my mission to take the profound benefits of Yoga as a holistic practice at workplaces, schools, and into the lifestyle of the young generation. My programs are practical, easy, fun at the same time carry a deep message on how Yoga can be a life changing experience, if accepted wholeheartedly.

What excites you the most about your role/industry?


As a Wellness  Facilitator, every program of mine is exciting as well as a learning experience. I blend in my knowledge from the Hatha Yoga practice with the powerful effects of unconditional laughter, interactive games incorporating four elements of joy i.e. singing, dancing, playing and laughing for greater team bonding and mindfulness challenges which makes the whole experience of doing yoga fun, yet is focused on the holistic wellness of an individual.

What is your view on holistic health, wholesome nutrition, and an active lifestyle?

In modern times, three factors are increasingly becoming a threat to the young and multi-faceted but stressed generation.

  1. Stress: Ranked as Number 1 lifestyle risk factor. Stress is a trigger for over 70% ailments reported by a corporate executive today. The Emotional and Mental Stresses are much more threatening than just the Physical Stress.
  2. Low Productivity: While, we hold the capacity to deliver much more, our inability to cope up with pressures of modern day working keeps our goals underachieved.
  3. Poor Physical Health: Poor nutrition, lowered immunity, and presence of highly processed foods has deprived people of an active mind & body. Additionally, the mentality to find quick relief via medications for even small ailments never allows body to build the stamina.

A combination of eating the right diet at proper intervals, a light to moderate exercise regimen, and tuning into self moments are imperative to keep up with today’s demanding lifestyle.

What is the best advise you have gotten from your mentors/industry experts to upkeep with your health?

I am a firm believer of practice what you preach!

No matter how busy I get, I definitely set aside time for my own yoga practice and that is what I am also regularly reminded by my mentors. My programs evolve with my own experiences as a practitioner.

How do you maintain your health and your lifestyle?

A blend of Yoga, laughter, meditation, some selfless service hours and a zeal to learn from every opportunity keeps me fit inside out.

Which are your favorite foods, places to eat, places to travel?


I relish the vegetarian Indian home cooked food the most. However, occasionally I like to eat Thai Food.

Please share a wellness and fitness tip that you employ on daily basis to stay in shape and be active.

Just 20 minutes of walk followed by 5 Minutes of Mindful Breathing in busy times is the least one can do to keep the fitness of body and mind.


What would you advise our audience for staying healthy while pursuing modern lifestyle?

As Shri K. Pattabhi Jois once said, “Do your practice and all is coming”.

The time for action is ‘Now’. If you believe in something, action it with commitment! There is no need for making grand plans and designs to recharge life and nor is there any need to panic at challenges. My purpose and your purpose ought to be, “To make our lives Simpler, Healthier and Lighter” and laughter yoga is one excellent way to do that!

Varuna can be contacted at Yoga with V and via email- [email protected] 

Sharing is Caring. Spread the Love!