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Manjishtha/ Rubia cordifolia/ Indian madder

Manjishtha/ Rubia cordifolia/ Indian madder
August 18, 2014 Pragna Mohapatra
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Manjishtha/ Rubia cordifolia/ Indian madder

Known as the best herb for blood purification, Manjishtha is highest impact on the “Rasa – Plasma”, Rakta – Blood”, and “Mamsa – Muscle” Dhatus or boddy tissues. Manjishtha is known to alleviate the “Kapha” and “Pitta”, while aggravating the “Vayu” Doshas in human body. This gives it a property to help destroy benign and malignant tumors, while regulating the actions of kidneys, spleen, liver, and pancreas. Mature roots, stem, and leaves of the plant are used for various therapeutic purposes as described in this article.

Health Benefits:

  • Manjishtha positively effects female reproductive system, hence prescribed for menstruation disorders such as pain, oligomenorrhea, amenorrhea, and post patrum uterus stimulation and cleansing, and during menopause.
  • It is prescribed for good functioning of circulatory system. It regulates blood pressure, blood vessel constriction and also the tendency of blood to form clots.
  • As a blood purifier Manjishtha improves complexion, gain glow, and helps in skin problems such as erysipelaseczema, acne, and parasitic allergies.
  • Effective in treating gastrointestinal disorders such as diarrhea, dysentery, and edema.
  • With a marked effect o functioning of kidneys, spleen, and pancreas, it is used to treat diseases such as hepatitis, herpes, and jaundice. 

Modes of Consumption:

As a decoction, powder, paste, or mixed with ghee


It should only be consumed under an expert’s supervision. It is not prescribed for pregnant women and lactating mothers. It can lead to severe chills in some cases.

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