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Meet your personal fitness coach – Chintal Gandhi!

Meet your personal fitness coach – Chintal Gandhi!
July 25, 2016 Nidhi Bansal
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Meet your personal fitness coach – Chintal Gandhi!

We are super excited to bring you excerpts of our discussion with personal fitness coach and diva Chintal Gandhi! A highly driven coach that would successfully ignite the motivation in you to get back on healthy track with guidance on physical activity, diet plans, as well as lifestyle choices. Chintal has extensive experience in the industry and has undergone the transformation herself after she gave birth to two beautiful kids. Who else could advise you better when it comes to the right choice of physical activity?


Tell us something about yourself. 

I used to be an airline industry professional (Masters in Travel and Tourism) with many years of experience in the travel industry.

My own journey in fitness began few years ago merely starting off with a goal to lose weight after my pregnancy. As I embarked on this personal transformation journey, I began to understand that being fit is not just about looking better but feeling strong, confident and energetic. First off, I started by changing my eating and exercise habits. I was able to mentally and physically tune into my new, healthier lifestyle, rather than trying to make a load of dramatic changes all at once.

Having gone through similar experiences, I can identify with the struggles and challenges that many busy individuals face when they are desperate to shed excess body fat and get in shape. Hence, I decided to take my passion for fitness training to another level by coaching and inspiring others to achieve their goals, progressively

Along with a fitness coach, my important role is to bring up and educate my two young kids.

What are your areas of specialization and which segment do you currently work in.

I am currently in One to One Personal Training & Group workout sessions. I specialize in Post-Natal Fitness & also in Nutrition coaching being a Women’s fitness specialist.

What excites you the most about your role/industry?

It gives me an immense pleasure & great sense of fulfilment in the work I do. Being Passionate about helping Women find their confidence – in health, business & motherhood.

The most fantastic feeling is seeing their daily practice to fit exercise as routine, better eating habits, and positive thinking into their lives.


What is your view on holistic health, wholesome nutrition, and an active lifestyle?

I believe it’s not only about the numbers on the scale, but about eating proper balanced meals and working out regularly. “Exercise helps to maintain youth and good health. We all have our various commitments at home or at work. It really depends on how much you want it and you have to build healthy relationship with food and exercise”.

What is the best advise you have gotten from your mentors/industry experts to upkeep with your health?

“Love yourself.”

Don’t define yourself by number on weighing scale. Look beyond what you can see, a Healthy outside begins from inside. Being fit is a journey about feeling strong, confident & healthy.

How do you maintain your health and your lifestyle?

My mantra for a healthy life is “Eat Clean, Exercise Mean, and Stay Lean!”

Please share a quick super nutritious recipe to power yourself during demanding days.

Start each morning with a cup of warm water and a few drops of lemon juice & spoonful of honey. Stuffed dates with almonds are another of my favourite go to snacks option.

Please share a wellness and fitness tip that you employ on daily basis to stay in shape and be active.

Don’t rush! I take things one step at a time. “Simple, small everyday changes make a huge difference”

Which is your favorite food ingredient and how do you use it the most?

Well, I am a big fan of Black Beans. Tiny as they are, beans can help you feel energized and keep fuller longer than almost anything else you can eat. It’s the best source for lean plant-based protein, perfect for vegetarians, vegans, and meat eaters alike. Black beans are so delicious and versatile and can be used in different recipes like:

Black Bean Mexican salad, tacos, wraps & even in soups and curries. You can basically add to them to any meals and any cuisines.


We come across multiple stressful situations on daily basis as working professionals and in society. What is your favourite way to release tension and relax?

  • Hydrate – I drink plenty of WATER.  About 1.5-2.5 liters a day.
  • Breathe – Practice Yoga and meditation with deep abdominal breathing.
  • Rest – Most importantly, SLEEP WELL.

Sleep is involved in the repair and restoration of the body. The rest that happens during sleep really rejuvenates, recovers & releases the stressful toxins out of the body

What would you advise our audience to stay healthy while pursuing modern lifestyle?

I would say Stay positive and Celebrate each wins of life, no matter how small or big they are in terms of achievement or motivation. I strongly believe getting fit and feeling good should be an enjoyable process.

Maintaining healthy lifestyle requires discipline, determination and consistent effort in your daily routine which should be sustainable over the long period. There are no short-cuts, special formulas or magic diets.

And lastly REST & RELAX!

Eat only when calm and unhurried, chew slowly, finish well before you feel stuffed.

  • Practice mindful eating.
  • Exercise
  • 10 minutes of peaceful me time daily (no phones, no television)

Smile! It strengths every cell, organ and function in the body! 🙂

Chintal can be reached at Fitness Mantra Personal Training & Bootcamp.

Sharing is Caring. Spread the Love!