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Pacha Mahabhuta – The Five Elements of Life!

Pacha Mahabhuta – The Five Elements of Life!
August 11, 2014 Nidhi Bansal
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The Panchamahabhuta – Five basic elements of nature

Ayurveda describes five basic elements Pancha mahabhuta of Air “Vayu”, Water “Jal” , Fire “Agni”, Earth “Bhumi”, and Space/Ether “Aakash”. The Panchamahabhuta mix together in multiple ways and proportions to create unique and distinct form of matter.

In human body, correspondence of the presence of Panchamahabhuta can be drawn as:

  • The space represents the voids within the body such as mouth, nostrils, abdomen
  • Air denotes the movement of muscular and nervous system
  • Fire controls the functioning of enzymes  and corresponds to intelligence, functioning of digestive system and, metabolism
  • Water is in all body fluids such as plasma, saliva, digestive juices
  • The earth manifests itself in the solid structure of the body  such as bones, teeth, flesh, and hair etc.

The Pancha mahabhuta therefore serve as the foundation of all diagnosis & treatment modalities in Ayurveda and has served as a most valuable theory for physicians to detect and treat illness of the body and mind successfully.

Sharing is Caring. Spread the Love!