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Pitta Dosha – Characteristics and the Balancing act!

Pitta Dosha – Characteristics and the Balancing act!
September 12, 2015 Nidhi Bansal
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Pitta Dosha is the energy of Transformation and Digestion!

Pitta Dosha as a physical energy guides transformation in our physical and mental states. Physiologically, it governs the force of metabolism, hence digestion, absorption of food and maintaining body temperature. Psychologically, it governs our perceptions and emotions such as joy, anger, motivation, enthusiasm, and courage.

Balanced and Unbalanced States of Pitta Dosha

A balanced Pitta-Dosha is exhibited with excellent digestion, good appetite, balanced hormonal levels, sharpness in thoughts, an active body, glowing skin, excellent eyesight and intelligence levels. On the contrary, an unbalanced state would exhibit in an increased state as high levels of heat in the body and in a decreased state with cold and dry characteristics. Pitta Dosha people are usually highly uncomfortable in hot weather, through skipping meals, or through the intake of hot natured substances. Some examples of the unbalanced state are:

Pitta Dosha characteristics

Pitta Dosha profile

  • Hyperacidity, heartburn, diarrhoea, and gastric ulcers (extreme). Very high levels of hunger and thirst.
  • Redness and inflammation of skin, rashes, and eczema. Redness of eyes.
  • Hot flushes and high blood pressure. Sharp pain in body or joints
  • Emotionally exhibited with high levels of anger, frustration, jealousy, hatred, and impatience
  • Low levels are exhibited with poor digestion, cold and dry state, low stamina and with fatigue

How to balance Pitta with diet and lifestyle

Pitta Dosha aggravation can happen in anybody, whether they are primarily Pitta-Dosha and also in case Vata or Kapha Dosha is their prime governing energies.

The basic principle of Dosha governance is that like increases like, which means if you expose yourself to hot temperatures or intake excessive hot natured food, there are high chances of Pitta aggravation. Some triggers to increase Pitta are:

  • Sudden or excessive exposure to hot temperatures and The Sun
  • Erratic timings of meal consumption or skipping them altogether
  • Excessive consumption of hot natured foods and of Salty, Pungent, and Sour Tastes
  • Excessive stress and involvement in multiple activities at the same time

Pitta Dosha Diet

To balance Pitta, once should practice a lifestyle that would cool you down. This can be incorporated by numerous methods such as dietary change, physical activity, regulating daily routine, meditation, external treatments of massage, and aromatherapy. However, the most important act to balance it would mean to balance the energy levels and hence utilise in the most optimum way.

  • Regular meditation with a focus on breathing to calm down the mind.
  • Brisk walking or running in natural set-ups, swimming,  and recreational sports twice or three times a week.
  • Early to bed and early to rise daily routine to schedule to avoid snacking in the night and utilise time in an effective manner.
  • Dietary changes and focusing on Pitta opposite gunas such as Sweet, Bitter, Astringent, and Cold.
  • Self-massage or Abhyanga with cooling oils such as Coconut Oil and Olive Oil.

Pitta Dosha Exercise

Sharing is Caring. Spread the Love!