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Salubrious Raksha Bandhan – Celebrating siblings love!!

Salubrious Raksha Bandhan – Celebrating siblings love!!
August 7, 2017 Navashree Nandini
Sharing is Caring. Spread the Love!

Celebrate the love of siblings and rejoice with natural sweetness of foods and feelings!

“ Raksha Bandhan is celebrated to mark the love and affection shared between brothers and sisters. Sisters tie rakhi on the brother’s wrist and brother promises to protect her forever.”

Right from a speech in the morning assembly of any school to various articles on social media platforms exhibit the above definition of Raksha Bandhan. However, there’s always a thin line of demarcation between culture, beliefs, and present. The above definition of Raksha bandhan is quite a patriarchal interpretation and seems restricting the spirit of the festival.

Medhya celebrates a salubrious Raksha Bandhan. We wish your good health, physically and mentally.

  • Celebrate the love of siblings irrespective of gender bias – Time always requires a change. Scientific theory of natural selection also proves that the nature eliminates those who do not change and adapt with time. Therefore, in 21st century we should celebrate Raksha Bandhan as love amongst the siblings. We should not ask a brother for protection. Instead, both brothers and sisters should understand the immortal relation shared between them and rejoice the day for mutual affection and care.
  • Abandon junks – Snacks and fast food are the trends of every festival. They are nothing but junks and they imbalance our healthy living. This Raksha Bandhan we can dip into a delicious homemade snack and satisfy our taste bud as well as nourish ourselves. Make coconut rice with jaggery with natural flavours of cinnamon, cardamom, and safforn. Add the dry fruits such as cashew, almonds, and raisins and your mouthwatering snack for the day is ready.
  • Abolish unnecessary beliefs – Nor you need to fast for the well-being of your siblings neither is Raksha Bandhan is restricted only to brothers and sisters. Such beliefs must be discarded if we wish our culture to survive till ages. Two or more brothers can also celebrate the love amongst them by tying a thread to each other’s wrist. So can two or more sisters do. Let’s not restrict the spirit of the festival of Raksha bandhan, but make it a celebration of sibling’s love.
  • Ditch artificial sweeteners – Sweets are a must in the celebration of Raksha Bandhan. However, sweets and yogurt from the market may contain many artificial sweeteners and artificial colours that may harm your health. Make your sweet and yogurt at home in flash of minutes. Blend Cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg. Add it to your home made yogurt and add honey to it as per your taste. Your ayurvedic yogurt with delicacies of spices is ready. It will calm you. Cinnamon will improve your digestion by preventing yogurt to form mucus.

Change is a long process but it can never be achieved if each and every person do not play their respective role. Let us play our role and forget the rest. Let us pledge to keep our self and our society healthy. Let us spread love and health all around.

This is what we do at Medhya.

Raksha bandhan-Medhya

Do not forget to gift your siblings with Medhya bites. Happy Raksha Bandhan.

Sharing is Caring. Spread the Love!